Baltic Junior Cup 2022 – welcome the champions of the future!

Baltic Junior Cup is a traditional international orienteering competition between regions and nations of the Baltic Sea area. This year, the competition will take place at Ekenäs/Tammisaari in Raseborg and will be organised by OK Raseborg and Finlands Svenska Orienteringsförbund (FSO).

The event starts of Friday 28 October 2022 with a model orienteering and continues on Saturday 29 October with a long-distance competition and on Sunday 30 October with a mixed relay competition. The competition arena will be located at Grabbskog Motorbana, Västerby, more details are available in Bulletin 2.

The BJC competitors are junior orienteers aged 15 to 20, who are potential national and world champions of the future. The competitors represent their own nations and regions. Finland is represented by FSO. From Sweden there are two teams participating the competition, Småland and Southern Sweden. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are all represented by their own respective teams. This year only, we shall also have some special guests from other Finnish orienteering regions, when some top junior orienteers from Uusimaa, Häme and Varsinais-Suomi will be challenging the representants of the traditional BJC regions and nations both on Saturday and on Sunday.

In addition to the model course on Friday, we offer open courses for anybody interested on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s courses are long-distance (long/medium/short), Sunday’s courses are middle distance (long/medium/short). The model course is at Västerby ski centre, all other open courses and the competitions are at Grabbskog Motorbana.

The model course is open to anyone from Friday 28 October onwards. Registration either over, manual self-service at Västerby (pick up your map and pay afterwards) or at the event office at the competition arena at Grabbskog on Saturday and Sunday. No result service at the model course, but Livelox will be available. Price 7 euros/map (5 euros/map for persons up to 18 years of age). For competitors, the model course is included in the overall registration fee.

Open courses on Saturday and Sunday cost 10 euros/map (5 euros/map for persons up to 18 years of age), rental Emit 4 euros. Pay at the event office or in advance with (Saturday here; Sunday here). Result service with Emit and Livelox as usual. On Saturday, starts between 11.00 and 12.30; on Sunday between 11.30 and 12.30.

More information on the event can be found here.

Welcome to follow the competitions and to run in the model event and open courses!